Our Interviews

Our goal in to highlight the journey of worldwide entrepreneurs. To us, the essential is to inspire people.

We do interview of Human beings before everything, not just startups!


Maxime Pari: founder of MyBizDev

Maxime has been rejected from all his recruitment interviews and has finally been hired in Xerox, as a salesperson. After that, he worked in Castorama and in Mars with always the same need to go forward and succeed and bring out the best of himself. He learned a lot about salesmen status and most excellent sales techniques. That is why he has launched MyBizDev! 

An exciting episode, as always.

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Ravina Peiris: passionate dancer

Ravina was our first guest on Mel’s Talk! She’s a passionate and inspirational dancer. On this talk, she shares with us her path, her passion for dancing and even shows us some traditional Sri Lankan dance moves. If you don’t know this dance, but you are curious about it, watch her fantastic interview. The quotation we remember of this talk:

“You have to overcome your fears and try new things.” - Ravina Peiris

Binta Jammeh: co-founder of konexio.eu

Binta Jammeh came from the United States to launch Konexio.eu with her co-founder, Jean. What is Konexio? It’s a start-up which offers coding courses to refugees, asylum seekers or anyone alone. Binta put all her heart in her project and is always looking for volunteers who wish to be willing and give classes! Within her talk, she tells us about her path, her challenges and shares her advice.

Sylvain, Dikom and Bakang a.k.a. The Muesli Boys, founders of Dear Muesli

Sylvain, Dikom and Bakang a.k.a. The Muesli Boys, founders of Dear Muesli

Sylvain, Dikom and Bakang a.k.a. the Muesli boys: founders of Dear Muesli 

Sylvain, Dikom and Bakang a.k.a The Muesli Boys, have embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure while they were Abercrombie & Fitch’s employees. Thanks to their mom, their love for muesli was born from a young age. They have decided to start their adventure in making breakfast and healthy snacks. Their motto? EAT GOOD, BE GREAT!On this episode, they tell us about their path, their challenges, the people they meet and share with you their advice. 

I don’t know anyone who has planted fruit and eat it the same day.- Bakang