3 tips to launch your start-up as a student, by Maxime Blondel

Today, we have the honor of having Maxime Blondel, 23, in front of Mel’s Talk’s camera. Maxime failed when he launched his first start-up, and it was fundamental to him to share with you his tips to avoid mistakes he made. In this new episode of Mel’s Talk, Maxime explains his tips to how to make a good start with your start-up as a student and the mistakes to avoid. Let’s go!


#1: Stop with Google form and meet clients

Maxime explains that forms such as Google Forms are useless because many people lie. If you want to find potential clients, you have to go in the streets. First, it will be more efficient than a form, and second, it will be more authentic, people lie less in real life.

You have to make maximum appointments to learn a lot about clients.

Real life is more interesting, rather than using the intermediary of a platform, which has a less human touch.

Maxime insists on the importance of human relationships, especially for example in the marketing and communication fields.

#2: Start as soon as possible

“If you haven’t launched your start-up within 48h, you reduce your chance to succeed.” Maxime

Today, many digital tools are available to start your start-up: tools like Slack/Facebook to create a community to understand how people interact. For example, you can write a newsletter if you want to launch your media. It is easy to create a market place; you just have to connect a Wix website with an excel database (average of $23) and link up everything by Zappier.

Nowadays, everything is made to help anybody to enter the market at less than $100.

There is no excuse.

#3: Don’t think about your start-up’s formalities

Accounting and registration of your society are often formalities which take a lot of time. It is crucial to start by focusing on your target and trying to find a way of stable income. Once you have found your business model, you can think about formalities.

The entrepreneur status is enough, and the requiring only takes 48h.

Now you have what it takes to develop your business as a student.

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See you soon,

The Mel’s Talk Team