5 advice to effectively manage your time, by Jean-Charles Kurdali


Being an entrepreneur is to follow your dreams, to make them real. It means to be fully devoted by taking risks to bring solutions to people’s problems and make improvements for society. But how to easily reach it? One way is to manage your time and productivity! Jean-Charles Kurdali, a former professional poker player, now an entrepreneur is giving you his best advice in the first episode of the Tips of Mel’s Talk, the talk-show dedicated to entrepreneurs.

What are his five advice? We will reveal all of them. Read until the end, a surprise is waiting for you.

#1: Definite MIT: Most Important Tasks

- When? The morning

- How many? 3

- Objective? Finish it before the end of the day

#2: Work in batch

- Accomplish a group of tasks in one shot, instead of achieving it one by one at different times of the day

- Advantage? Optimize your time and improve your productivity

#3: Be strict about your schedule

- Respect defined time slots for one or another task, and do not scatter.

- Advantage? Gain a maximum of concentration on each task you have to accomplish.

#4: “Hell yes or no”: Do I really want it or not?

- Derek Sivers’ technique which allows estimating the level of will to fulfill this or that task.

- Avoid all the commitments that you make without real enthusiasm.

- How? If you don’t think “YES! I want to do it”, it is not. It is a rather radical technique, but it will allow you to see every single day as a good day.

- An alternative? Grade your engagement on a scale of 10, without including 7. From 8 it worth it, but between 6 or less, it doesn’t.

#5: Manage your time with Pomodoro’s technique

- Work intensively for 25 minutes, then take a break of 5 minutes. Do it four times, then take a real break of 20 minutes.

- Advantage? Improve your productivity and efficacity for more optimal work.

That’s it. Now you know everything to manage your time effectively! Please feel free to share your advice with us, because even though the entrepreneurship often is associated with individual work, it’s altogether that we succeed. And for the promised surprise, we offer you 1 hour of free coaching with Jean-Charles Kurdali. Meeting on the Instagram of @melstalk.

See you soon!

The Mel’s Talk Team

Oriane Strauss