3 digital tools to start your own business, by Florent de Lécluse, founder of Zetoolbox

Between paperwork, accountancy, customer satisfaction, and other business departments, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and not be able to manage it all correctly. That is why various software have been designed to help your business and help you to make some tasks more effortless. But how do you manage these different tools when you just started your own business?
This week, on Mel’s Talk’s Tips, Florent de Lécluse, co-founder of Zetoolbox, a start-up which helps companies to find the best digital tools, shares the three essential tools to help you start your business in right conditions.


The first one, Notion.so: a collaborative project management tool which gathers multiple different daily tools’ functionalities. For instance, instead of having one application for word processing, another one to create a to-do list, managing schedule, or even to organize spreadsheets or databases, Notion.so enables you to group everything at the same place, in one app.
Say goodbye to all the different apps which promote waste of time. Time to bring all your data in one unique place and this way, having more clarity in your management and your team.

The second one, Milanote: a mind mapping tool, enabling you to draw all your ideas on a blank sheet in a creative, logical way to make easier the memorization. You can deliver texts, images, links, and videos to create logical connections between these elements.
This way, it will be brighter for the construction of your project.

The last one, Webflow: a tool which enables you to build your Internet websites, without specific coding skills.
It offers you more considerable freedom of creativity, disposition of your pages than other popular websites such as WordPress or Wix, more complex for utilization.
Now, you have at your disposal the necessary weapons to serenely develop your business. You can find the full episode on our YouTube channel, Mel’s Talk, with a bonus!
Don’t hesitate to share your favorite tools.

See you soon!

The Mel’s Talk Team

Oriane Strauss