What is Mel’s Talk?

Mel’s Talk is THE talk show for entrepreneurs. It’s a YouTube channel on which every week, we propose interviews of entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and from all around the world, who come to share their journey, their story, their inspirations, to allow other entrepreneurs to start and develop themselves thanks to their advice.


I am Mélanie Hewawasan, and I’ve founded Mel’s Talk on March 2018.

My path?

I was born in Paris, France, and I grew up in the Paris suburbs. From an immigrating family, I still was ambitious, and nothing stopped me. My mother is my role model. She always said to me: “You can if you want!”; “Follow your dreams, find your quest and don’t give up because you have a long road!”; “Perseverance, desire, determination, this is what makes the difference!”

Why did I’ve founded Mel’s Talk?

I’ve founded Mel’s Talk by chance! In my second year of Master in Telecom Paris, I’ve made my apprenticeship within the largest campus in the world: Station F. There, I had the opportunity to meet many people who were about or already have launched their own business. Talking with these inspiring people with various profiles led me to wonder myself: “Why keeping all these stories for me? I want to share it with the world!”. Moreover, as a friendly person who love to meet new people, I’ve decided to create Mel’s Talk. The talk show format entirely is the perfect match with my personality because I’m a fan of Oprah, Marie Forleo and Ellen Degeneres. So, why not Mel’s Talk?

While browsing through the website, you will discover fantastic things to help you, I hope, to make real your dreams. You can find our full talks on my YouTube channel, Mel’s Talk, our last articles on Medium blogs, tips to help you, and an online shop on which you will be able to buy some cool stuff (soon available!).

Much Love,